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Earn for each placement you make!

Source Recruiters

Whether you are seasoned recruiter or novice you can recruit through Open Source and get paid to fill positions for organizations. Turn your expertise into a profitable “side hustle” enterprise or make recruiting your new career. Imagine Uber meets Linkedin, and that is what Open Source Recruiter does and allows anyone to do. Make as much or as little as you want to fill jobs. Even if you are in between jobs Open Source Recruiter can be a great way to earn some extra cash. There are no commitments or obligations when you sign up with OSR and the earning capacity is truly limitless. 


Most HR professionals have the core foundational expertise of recruiting and even if you are not in HR these duties are familiar to many. Recruiting can be a fun way for you to connect candidates with the right business opportunity. Through OSR you can even engage in Executive searches and earn.


Training is another area where OSR can assist and support you. Through our certification courses, you can learn how to source and contact the best candidates for any position.  You will learn firsthand from industry professionals on how to recruit. OSR also offers a Master Certification course for Executive level searches. When you bring candidates through to a company they can instantly see your credentials as a Certified or Master Certified Recruiter. 



To find out how you can become a recruiter for OSR, register and sign up today.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Entry Level (hourly) candidate searches

  • Mid-Level candidate searches

  • Executive Placement

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"I recruit for my company and many times come across great candidates that we cannot hire, but through OSR I can place them with other firms, help out the job seeker, and make some  extra money for myself."

Shantae Johnson 

"When I joined OSR I went all in and got certified as a recruiter and  then Master Recruiter and was  immediately promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition at my firm, but I still side hustle with OSR every month."

Jason Barnes