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Proven ways to leave a lasting impression

Updated: Aug 8

A job interview is your opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and personality to a potential employer. While the interview itself is important, what you do after the interview can also leave a lasting impression. Here are some tips to help you leave a good lasting impression after a job interview:

  1. Send a Thank-You Note: A thank-you note shows your appreciation for the interviewer's time and reinforces your interest in the position. Email is the quickest way to send a thank-you note, but if you want to stand out, consider sending a handwritten note.

  2. Follow-up: If you haven't heard back from the employer, it's appropriate to follow up within a week or two of the interview. This shows that you are still interested in the position and eager to hear back from them.

  3. Keep in touch: Even if you don't get the job, keep in touch with the interviewer. You never know when a new opportunity might arise, and you want to maintain a positive relationship with the company.

  4. Research the Company: Research the company and the interviewer, if possible, to learn more about their interests and business. This will show your genuine interest in the company and position.

  5. Stay professional: Remember that everything you do after the interview represents you and reflects your professionalism. Avoid negative comments about the interview or the company and maintain a positive attitude.

By following these tips, you'll leave a good lasting impression after your job interview and increase your chances of landing the job. Good luck!

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