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About Us

It is Our Job to Help You

Why Choose Our Services?

Open Source Recruiter is our clients’ platform of choice because of guaranteed, efficient results which exceed expectations while being delivered with a smile. Why would you pay for useless job ads that generate no candidates or give you a huge pool of unqualified applicants that you then have to sort through? With OSR, the only difficult decision is choosing which of our incredible candidates will best empower your organization.  


Our Process

Our process is designed to be simple yet effective.  Once you start an engagement with OSR we will sit down with you to get all the details to identify your ideal candidate and understand all the qualifications and cultural fit for the position. We will create a custom social media kit, place targeted ads, and run the search data you provided into our proprietary system to start sourcing candidates. From there, our highly skilled recruiters will start the outreach with candidates. Our searches also reach a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates through our partnership with  


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to find you the most qualified candidate for any job in an honest, efficient, and ethical manner. 

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